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Molotow 127hs (2mm)


The 127HS already is a classic amongst pump-markers – equipped with an easily exchangeable 2mm fine-tip and available in 40 brilliant colors.

A special technical gimmick is the patented capillary system that guarantees an even and controlled dye distribution. Together with the Flowmaster pump-valve, that provides a controlled paint-flow, these markers show the best writing performance on almost every surface. The mixing balls inside the markers make sure that the highly concentrated pigments are evenly distributed within the paint for optimal writing results. Therefore it is recommended to shake your marker well before use. Both markers are refillable – ONE4ALL refills are available in 34 colors and two sizes: as 180ml and as 30ml bottle.

The highly pigmented, acrylic-based hybrid-paint is easily mixable with other ONE4ALL colors (for individual shading), it can be diluted with water (for translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanency on fatty surfaces). It works on almost every surface, is silk-matt, quick-drying, has an incredible opacity and is absolutely UV-resistant.
Please note, paint colours may not match their swatch colour and should be used only as a guide.

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