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600ml Belton Premium plus chrome


MOLOTOW PREMIUM – the first reference street-art can worldwide. Developed 10 years ago in cooperation with some of the most renowned street-artists worldwide, it revolutionized the spray can technology fundamentally and is still affecting the street-art scene.

The PREMIUM series stands for highest UV- and weather-resistance, optimized low-pressure adjustment for clear and exact lines (0,5 to 30 cm) due to the Flowmaster™ spray-valve, 4 times ground genuine car pigments (Auto-K) and the unique nitro-alkyd compound based on the patented MOLOTOW. This guarantees unequaled reliability, coverage and precision and makes it the reference spray can on the aerosol market. MOLOTOW™ quality made in Germany.

The large 600ml edition with additional features like high output-rate and high-pressure adjustment for fast workflow is the consequent advancement of our approved MOLOTOW technology. Available in 12 high covering colors incl. chrome.

Price : £ 5.10