BabMag is a lifestyle and culture magazine produced by local creatives providing a unique platform to showcase local talent within music, art, fashion and more. Aiming to be the epicentre for cultural happenings in the Midlands and stand as the forerunner in delivering engaging thought provoking content to the region in a collectable format.

We kick off issue one with a true icon of ours and a pioneer of the culture of which we represent. Goldie, a British electronic music artist, disc jockey, visual artist & hero of urban/underground culture. Goldie has found himself on the 2016 New Year’s honours list for his services to music and young people; he gives us an in-depth interview about his journey so far.

We touch base with Gent48, a Mixed media artist, known for his character-based murals set in warped realities. Gent48 has painted around the globe and is considered as one of the best street artists around having picked up awards in multiple continents.

The Lurkers are a collective of conceptual artists and lifestyle documenters. Creating platforms for content, which focuses on the often over-looked or neglected aspects of our planet through graffiti, photography, exploration, storytelling, fashion, film and animation. We take a moment with them during their travels around the world ‘lurking’ to talk about their recent projects.

Head honcho at Seven9signs, Birmingham’s Zoot invites us down to his new creative headquarters, which is a visual haven littered in typography and sign paint. Holding down the traditional art form of signwriting and gold guilding, Zoot is keeping alive an old school medium within a contemporary scene.

With back-to-back killer collection releases, Birmingham based Dark Circle, are a leading influencer on the street wear scene. Their crafted garments incorporate bold graphics alongside cut n sew designs and have been seen on the likes of Kendrik Lemar, Joey Bada$$ and Chance the rapper. Expect collaborative merchandise to launch with issue one.

We invite and encourage you all to come join us and show some support on the 5th of March, when we at BabMag will be opening up the door of our HQ’s warehouse at Boxxed, Digbeth. The evening will be a chance to get your hands on the first physical copies of the mag, and will provide you with the opportunity to meet those involved.

Artworks of those featured in the mag will fill the walls and the sounds of local DJ’s will provide a chilled soundtrack to the evening.

Heres a taste of what to expect from their first instalment coming this spring:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 17.33.07