The goal of this kickstarter is to keep City of Colours free for all by securing £15,000 towards the huge running costs.

Last years City of Colours was an amazing success with over 9,000 people coming to check out what was on offer and your support with this Kickstarter is vital to making it happen again.

You’ll probably be surprised to know that the free festival actually costs a small fortune to host. When all is said and done, the total cost last year was around £85,000 to host the event.

That came in the form of some arts funding, corporate sponsors, personal loans, donations and benefit in kind. Not to mention hundreds of hours of voluntary help. All to make something awesome happen.

Where does the money go? Sadly, cherry pickers, power, security, road closures, thousands of cans of paint etc don’t grow on trees and this is where the money goes to put on a free event for everyone.

We have secured a good chunk of the monies and services required – but we really need YOU to be part of the festival by pledging your money.

In return, not only do you get our everlasting respect and the knowledge that YOU are helping to make this happen but we have also lined up some seriously nice rewards. Whether you have a £10 or £1,000 we’ve got something sweet for you.

We want to keep City of Colours a free festival for all. Your support through Kickstarter is vital to ensuring that this amazing celebration of urban arts can take place again this year!

City of Colours 2014 proved to be an incredibly successful event. It surpassed all of our expectations and was even referred to as the ‘new Notting Hill carnival of the city,’ which was an incredible result! After a huge amount of positive feedback from artists, audience members, our partners and even local MPs, we are delighted to confirm that we are now planning a bigger, better and even brighter City of Colours festival for 12th September, 2015. This is your chance to be a part of making it happen!

The festival was a celebration of urban art forms as well as an amazing platform to bring together people from all walks of life. A rich mix of cultures and communities from across the city united and it was an event to be enjoyed by family and friends of all ages.

This year we are inviting over 120 street artists to join us in Digbeth to paint, draw and exhibit their work on as many large walls as we can find. We will be hosting music and performances from beat-boxers, B-Boys and artists painting in live illustration battles. Cinema screenings, workshops in graffiti art, break-dance, DJing, spoken word and screen-printing will be taking place throughout the weekend for people of all ages. Digbeth will come alive with art, music, performance and your smiling faces…

City of Colours is a FREE community event. We are completely reliant on funding (through grants, private sponsorship, donations and very importantly, help from individuals such as yourselves), to make the festival happen. In order to keep the event free and accessible to all, we are asking for your help. However big or small the contribution, it all makes a difference.

Your donations will help us to run a high quality and engaging festival experience. Your money will not be used towards salaries for staff and the festival will continue to be run by a team of volunteers. Funding will instead be used for essential items that you may not know are needed behind the festival scenes!

These include:

•Spray paint and emulsion. Providing the artists with the gallons of free paint needed for their creations takes up a very large part of the festival budget. This is an area where we really need your help.

•The hire of cherry pickers and scissor lifts, scaffold towers and ladders to reach those high walls! Health and safety is an important and expensive part of the festival budget and a vital investment in creating a safe event for artists and attendees alike.

•Free activities for all ages to get involved with on the day of the event. We want this year’s festival to be as interactive as possible. Your donations will help to fund the professionals, materials and performers who will provide the many workshops and sessions planned to get your creativity and inspiration flowing.

•Audio equipment for our eight music stages – to keep the music playing all day long.

•Travel and accommodation for overseas artists who will help to put Birmingham on the International Street Art map.

If we exceed our target, any additional funding will be used towards covering the costs of painting additional larger scale murals as well as more performances and activities to take place on the day…