SEVEN 9 SIGNS – An exhibition by Atelier Zoot


This exhibition brings together old and new; with found objects and surfaces, hand lettered using traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary twist.

Zoot’s fascination of signs from the simple, effective communication of a “no parking” sign to the grand, eye catching beauty of a golden gilded jewellers window; Seven 9 Signs exhibition brings you his take on modern hand lettering, sign painting and gilding.

As part of the exhibition Zoot will be hand painting an A board for Projekt21 in the beautiful victorian surrounds of the 140 year old Great Western Arcade on Friday 28th August

Atelier Zoot

Birmingham Sign Painter and Gilder

Zoot is a full time sign painter and gilder based in Birmingham, UK.

Zoot has attained his skills in this long forgotten craft over years of practice and training. With a love of typefaces and hand lettering Zoot has spent years studying classical letter forms and honing his brush skills.

Using traditional techniques and materials, Zoot applies the
fundamental principles of Design, Sign painting and Gilding adding a modern twist, bringing a fresh feel to new signage and windows across the city.