Right up you Sneaky Peakers … after you’ve spent your Christmas money on fire new Yeezies and Jordans at Sneaks&peaks …. we’re having a battle upstairs to commemorate the re-birth of the Secret Walls X Birmingham 1 v 1 battle series which is due to start weekly at Boxxed from Feb with the final battle being at the next Sneaks & Peaks event in May

This is a team battle …. standard rules … 90 minutes, black on white, no sketches, GO BIG OR GO HOME !!!

we’ve lined up some killer artists for this one … the wall is crisp, the beats will be standardly dope and there’ll be plenty of treats for all you battle heads so cram yerselves in and come support your local artist !!

Tickets will be £5 on the door … but we’ve got a few early birds online for cheaper … get em while you can 😉

104 – 105 Floodgate Street,, B5 5SR Birmingham, United Kingdom
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