Krink k-750 available HERE

Longtime partners in the provision of so-called creative tools, Barcelona’s MTN unite with KRINK in the launch of an all-new spray can. Proposing a unit that champions progression and innovation, the newly designed K-750 upholds a high-level of quality often associated with each brand. A 750ml/25oz body provides a premium quality matte finish paint that allows users to create lines upwards of 4 meters/12 feet in height. As a passion project for both entities that transitioned into a natural partnership, this sleek can raises the bar once again for creativity and art innovation. Available in matte black or matte white, the K-750 is available now in Europe while American availability will take place shortly.

What was the catalyst in wanting to create this product?
Both Krink and Montana Colors of Barcelona (MTN) strive to bring new ideas and tools to the market. We have been working closely together for a few years now; MTN does all of Krink’s distribution in the EU. It’s a natural partnership, we are both developing new creative tools and it made sense to make something together.

What’s the development process like for a product like this?
It actually took some time to find the right combinations of cap, pressure, valve, paint, etc. We had to test all components and make sure they worked efficiently together. We went back and forth quite a bit trying to get it right. MTN does all production in Spain so the time between samples can be very long. 

How did you work with MTN on this?
I brought them the overall concept of what I thought would be an interesting and progressive product. We discussed the options, then went ahead with making samples and testing. I wanted to bring something really different and new. In the world of spray paint we see a lot of development for products that are for fine details, I wanted to go in the complete opposite direction and with something that fit with Krink style and aesthetics.

Why partner with MTN?
MTN are pioneers and innovators in the spray-paint world, they have the highest quality available today. We started around the same time and have maintained high-quality production and good business standards. We have been working together with distribution for years now and have always been impressed with their dedication to quality and also, they are good people. Good relationship is important, not just the nickels and dimes – too many companies today have no soul. It’s always a pleasure to work with companies I believe in.

 What sort of void does this fill?
This is a progression, something totally new. I wanted to bring something new and different into the world of spray paint and this just makes sense to me. I’m always interested in making new tools and modifying existing things to see what comes up, this is a big part of my history in graffiti and a big part of graffiti culture in general. Take things into your own hands, make it yourself, find new places, do new things.

Interview from HYPEBEAST