Birmingham series 2 dates and draw is here!

(picked from a hat in the rainbow pub 15/10/08)
16 artists
14 battles
£1000 prize

2 battles each night @ the rainbow pub, digbeth

19th july 2008
Posh1 v’s Kungfo
Ouch v’s N4T4

30th aug 2008
Agent v’s Monk
Jake Illustration v’s Phill Blake

11th oct 2008
Trav v’s Tony Cryze
Newso v’s Lady Rinth

15th nov 2008
2p v’s Sam Bevlak
Goonism v’s Obenzah

27th dec 2008 – quarter final (2 battles)
17th jan 2009 – quarter final (2 battles)
21st feb 2009 – semi final
then the final in the warehouse.. march 09 date tbc

some brilliant artists in there, and some extremely interesting battles

ink will spill

good luck everyone!!